Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sweet Gratitude

Gratitude is a beautiful thing. I wake up each morning and am thankful for my comfy bed, my feather filled pillows, my sweet (however small) apartment, my beautiful daughter, my health, my success, my friends, my family....the list goes on and on. The feeling of gratitude is something I've come to feel from the bottom of my heart....from my gut....deep inside. It's unlike any other feeling in the world. It's beautiful and heartbreaking all at once. About a year ago I was given an anonymous gift. A gift that changed my life....or more so....let me continue living the way I was meant to live. The gift giver never revealed to me who they were....I assume they never wanted me to feel indebted to them. I was left only with an immense feeling of gratitude. That feeling is something I will never let go of. It keeps me going and reminds me that life is good. Thank you....from the bottom of my heart....thank you.

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