Tuesday, June 29, 2010

When is Mi moving?

Constantly. Mi is on the move...Mi is movement. I'm ready to go and I'm aimed for the stars. I can remember dancing through the aisles at the grocery store as a kid. My mom would put her hand on my head and tell me to "be still" as I tap danced through the produce section. She enrolled me in dance class and off I went....on the move. I danced and danced. When I wasn't taking classes, competing or performing.....I was teaching dance. I started assistant teaching my younger sisters classes when I was 14. Our teacher would have me help her teach classes by demonstrating movements and correcting the students movements. I was hooked....the same way I've been hooked by pilates. After I stopped dancing for my own pleasure, and couldn't pay the bills by teaching classes....I stopped moving. I tried aerobics, I tried yoga, I even tried running (something I'd always loathed), but nothing filled the void.....until I discovered pilates. Now....once again....I'm on the move. Pilates has helped me create and keep an active and healthy lifestyle. Inspiring me to take care of myself, eat healthier and exercise more. Dance is still a part of me....it's still in me. When I'm in my store alone....I dance. I've been caught a few times.....usually by an unsuspecting passerby....but that doesn't stop me. Movement is in me....it's part of Mi.

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