Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Where is Mi?

Right here....right now....and on and on. The beat goes on. I'm right here....standing still....growing tall and deep. Where ever you put Mi...I'm gonna grow. Just don't underestimate Mi...I'm stronger than you think.

Bellingham....my home. I believe fate brought me to Bellingham....10 years ago. I'd always liked it here. Always felt at peace here. As a kid....Bellingham was a big city, an exciting destination and a long beautiful drive out of Stanwood, the small town in which I originated....mostly. I never dreamed that I'd raise sweet Miss P here....yet I do.

Travel is my home away from home. The open road. I long for the days I lived out of my backpack. Saw new people, new places, new adventures every single day. I want to live there again...on the open road. I long to someday be free. Free of these roots....free of these chains. Free of time and place.

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